About Us

JC VICKY NIG LTD is a leading company in the importation and distribution of industrial chemicals in Nigeria.  Primarily licensed to import and distribute industrial salts and chemicals, we have been in business since 2012, filling a gap in the independent chemical distributor sector.

Our business operation is programmed to deliver superior services in the area of consulting and marketing/supply of various industrial salt and chemicals.

We promote good practices and sound business ethics that is a blend of professionalism and high quality products/services designed to scale up the capacity of our customers and end-users on a sustainable basis.

We regularly evaluate trends in our business and design capacity-building programmes for various stakeholders. This attests to our desire to become the market leader by treating our customer as the central focus of everything we do.

With monthly revenue of $3m and significant investment in the importation and distribution of industrial chemicals, our commercial success is driven by our ability to initiate and complete transactions, evidence in our capability to supply our customers’ need at the time they need it.

What we provide is a complete package of all that your business need in terms of chemical, whether simple or complex commodity. We have become a trusted name for professionalism and reliable distribution to anywhere in the world including the UK, America, and Asia.

As a part of its corporate responsibility, JC VICKY NIG. LTD invests a reasonable portion of its assets in free education, empowerment of widows and poor families in various villages.